Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: Real Techniques Starter Set

Hey guys! Today I'm doing a review on the Real Techniques Starter Set. The set includes 5 brushes and a case to carry them in.The  brushes are designed for eye make-up and they're made from taklon bristles. The brushes themselves are super soft and very dense and so far I haven't noticed any bristles falling out. They retail at €28.99 from Boots. I've have them for about 11 months now and so far so good!


 Close up (side) Base Shadow Brush                                                               Close-up (front) Base Shadow Brush

Base Shadow Brush

The first brush is the Base Shadow Brush. This brush can be used for simply applying and blending colours onto the eyes. However, I love to use this to contour my eyes by using a mid tone in by crease. The tapered shape of the brush also makes it perfect for lightly blending colours together. The base shadow brush is probably my favourite brush from the set as you can create a simple eye shadow look just by using this brush!


                                   Deluxe Crease Brush                                                                     Close -up Deluxe Crease Brush
The second brush is the Deluxe Crease Brush. It is a large round brush made for contouring the crease. But, I have very little eye lid space and my crease is very narrow, so I don't use it in that aspect. However, I do use to apply shadow to the outer corner of the eye. Personally, I think this brush is amazing for blending due to it's density. Any harsh lines can become a gradual transition of colour because of this baby! I also found the the Deluxe Crease brush can be used as a concealer brush and is especially good for dark circles.


      Close up (front) Accent Brush                                                                                                 Close up (side) Accent Brush

Accent Brush

The third brush is the Accent Brush. This brush can be used to highlight, spotlight and smudge. I use this nearly everyday (that I wear make up) for lining my lower lash line to balance out the eye shadows on my eyes. I also adore this brush for pushing dark colours in between my top lashes to make them appear thicker and bolder.


                                 Pixel-Point Eye liner Brush                                                       Close up Pixel-Point Eye Liner Brush

The forth brush is the Pixel- Point Eye liner Brush. This brush pleasantly surprised me! Before I got this brush I had never used gel eye liner. I had thought that it would have been difficult to use. But this brush made gel eye liner super easy to use and completely transformed my ideas about it. However, the brush is very dense and thick, and so makes it difficult to create a thin line. For that reason I wouldn't recommend this to someone looking for a brush that can create a subtle liner.


                                          Brow Brush                                                                                       Close up Brow Brush 

The last brush is the Brow Brush. As the name would suggest I use this to fill in and darken my brows. Again this is quite a thick brush, so people with thin brows may find it difficult to use. However, the brush can also be used for setting eye liner, tightlining and to smudge and smoke your eye shadows. This brush + a dark colour can really transform you look from day to night!


The Starter Set in the Panoramic Case

Finally, is the Panoramic Case. It can be reshaped into a stand for holding your brushes on a dresser. The case has separate slots for each brush and also has three more slots for other brushes. The case is extremely light which makes it very convenient for travelling.

The aspect of the Starter Set that I can truly fault is the fact that none of these brushes can be bought seperately. Hopefully the brand will soon make the brushes available individually!

I apologeize for the long and tedious post but I wanted to give you an in depth review on the set.
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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