Sunday, 29 December 2013

Something a bit different...

So for those of you who never read my bio ( I don't blame you, I never read bios either!), it says that I'm a beauty, fashion and lifestyle enthusiast. You may have noticed a lack of lifestyle posts (and fashion, but I'm working on that). So to tackle this crisis, I thought that posting a few chatty 'convos' every so often would be nice and different from the norm.

For this post I'm just gonna ramble on about my week!!

In case you didn't know, it was Christmas this week, and the most responsible thing I did this year was make the soup for Christmas dinner. Bearing in mind, I never made this particular soup before, or was ever liable for any part of the Christmas dinner. I think my mother's trying to give me a hint!!. However, my Potato and Fresh Herb soup went down a treat and even my fussy food critics enjoyed it! (yes, I'm talking to you, Dad!)
Christmas is all about relaxing with friends and family, but unfortunately, not for me :( On St. Stephens I was working away on a science project that was due before the Christmas break (oops). So for most of the Christmas holidays I'll be draining all my energy into writing reports, creating graphs and trying to make sense of equations! Christmas spirit at it's finest!!

 On the brighter side, I hope that you're having a magical Christmas, and that you got what you asked for from Santa!! Have any of ye hit the sales yet? I know I can't wait to let loose and empty my purse!!

Lots of love,

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