Friday, 3 January 2014

Winter Favourites 2013

So it's that time of year where everyone shows off what they've been loving (and sometimes loathing!). So why not be cliché and join the band-wagon! I've a mixture of all sorts thrown in here (food,fashion and beauty) to suit all tastes!! 

The first on the list, has to be Mince Pies! Ever since they first appeared in the supermarkets way back in late October, I've been gobbling 'em down like there's no tomorrow! My preferred way to eat them is when they're warmed up and with cream.  Simply magical!

* No picture shown because I ate them all!

Next up is The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter. I've noticed myself using lip balms more often now since the cold  weather has settled in and this stuff does exactly what it says on the tin. It does the job without any colour or fragrance so it's perfect under make up. It also lasts for aaggeess because I've had the same pot for over a year now and I've only just hit pan! Someone got their money's worth! 

Another beauty favourite has been Sudocrem. As mentioned in this post, I've had a pretty bad breakout recently (and yes, it's improved, but not completely gone, as of yet), but this stuff works wonders on spots overnight. I don't like to use Sudocrem all the time though, in case my skin would become immune to it and stop working (the horror). Not only is Sudocrem good for breakouts,but it can also be used for cuts, eczema, foreign and unknown skin irritations (well, maybe you should consult a doctor...), etc, etc.

My only hair care favourite in this bunch is my John Freida Frizz-Ease Serum. I had this in my to-use cupboard for months and it's only now I'm using this. It calms my hair so it's not as frizzy (especially after blow drying)  and it also makes my hair feel veerry soft!

Hand-knitted mini made by my Mum
Printed midi from Penney's

An awful picture of a maxi skirt bought in a thrift shop
Onto fashion favourites. Recently, I've been absolutely loving skirts. All shapes and sizes, I've been going raving mad for them! Which is strange seeing as I was always a tom boy, wearing jeans and trackies. Even stranger is the fact that I haven't wore jeans in over a week. A week!

The last favourite in this round up is Strepsils! Random? Yes. Necessary? Definitely! Along with most people this winter, I came down with a cold just before Christmas (typical) and these were a life saver! I swear to you that they soothe a sore throat once you pop them in your mouth! Being an invalid  over Christmas isn't ideal, but these make it bearable (not an exaggeration, at all!)

Do ye have any Winter Favourites? Or holy grail medicine? Tell me all about please!

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