Sunday, 25 May 2014

Long Hair vs Short Hair

So this post is one that I've been dwelling on ever since I got my hair chopped way back in October (I think?) But, I decided to bite the bullet and just do it because I would have loved to seen a Long hair vs Short hair post before I hacked my hair. So, I've rounded advantages and on both long (roughly about waist length) hair and short (meaning just above shoulder length) hair. (SIDE NOTE: Can I just apologise for the absolutely horrific photography and the awful cropping in this post. As you can see I'm not one for the selfies...)

                 Moments (and I mean moments!) before the chop                                        My hair now

Long Hair
  • You definitely have more options as to how you style your hair. Updo's are so much easier to accomplish too, when you actually have something to work with!
  • You can achieve no-heat waves. This is one I really missed. I'm a low maintenance gal, so a French braid overnight which equated styled waves in the morn was me in a hairstyle! Unfortunately, I can't attain this effortlessness with short hair. (Even though I tried, it wasn't a pretty sight!)

  • I found that you needed less haircuts to have your hair 'styled'. Basically, my hair grows out faster when it's short. I find that my short hair grows into this awkward stage where it sometimes sticks out because it's hitting my shoulders, and I really hate that!

Short Hair

  • The biggest difference I found when I cut my hair (apart from the length!) is that it takes sooooo much less time to wash, style, everything! Straightening/curling my hair took forever when it was long, especially since it is so thick. But now it takes only about 15 minutes (which I am eternally grateful for, since I never have enough time to do my hair, and I (used to) end up rocking a messy bun most days!).

  • I found with shorter hair that it is easier to get volume into my hair. It didn't seem to get weighted down by my hair. BONUS: big, voluminous hair is "on trend" now (right?)!

  • Going back to the amount of hair cuts you need, I feel that I need less haircuts with my shorter hair, to keep it healthy (I know I'm contradicting myself here!) . I cut my hair about every 3 months, and when I had long hair I just had to have a trim because it would always be damaged. But now, I could go longer without a trim because my hair is healthier (But, like I said, my hair grows out faster).

  • Another thing that surprised me (even it shouldn't have, because it's kind of obvious!), is that I use way less shampoo and (especially) conditioner. Like, FO-REALZZ!! I can't even remember when the last time I bought conditioner! I only need a tiny amount since I don't have much length to my hair any more. So, I suppose you spend less money on buying hair products! SCORE! 

So, that's my thoughts on long hair versus short hair. It's really up to personal preference and if you're ready to take the leap of faith! Short hair really isn't as bad as people were telling me just before I cut it all off!! Personally, I think people take hair far too seriously! I mean, at the end of the day, it's just dead protein and it does grow back, trust me!!

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