Friday, 30 May 2014

Organising My Make-Up Storage

 A few days ago I went on a cleaning/tidying spurt and I've been tackling different areas of my room ever since!
It only took a glance at my make-up shelf to see that it was in dire need of a complete gutting and tidying! I've been putting it off and putting it off, but, today's the day that it will be tackled!! So, I'll be taking you along with me, and hopefully motivate some of you to rejig your room (because it's still relevant to my blog, right?)

Okay, even from the picture above, I don't think you can tell how bad the cupboard is! It is filthy! Like, I mean the surface was actually sticky and I couldn't physically bring myself to take a photo! 

Anyway, I started by taking everything out and sorting it into piles. Stuff that needs to be dumped and stuff that needs to be kept. Then dividing the lather into further groups. Such as; eye make-up, face make-up, hair products, candles, etc. Then I gave the cupboard a good wash out with disinfectant wipes (and I mean more than one!), rinsed and let it to dry out.

I then put the make-up into the clear containers that grapes come in (or the clear cases that you can buy online)! 

These gift sets can take up a lot of space and aren't the most efficient at storage. So, I took out the inside bit that holds the perfume, lotion, etc. (is there even a name for that piece of plastic?) and used the actual box to store my self tanners and body/hand lotions! 

I kept some of the fancy, old-school, sweet containers and I just popped some miscellaneous beauty items in there (we all have those not-so-great tweezers or sponge tip applicators that don't really have a place!)

I put everything that didn't get the boot back inside the cupboard, in a nice order like so!

Bob's your uncle!! You now are the proud owner of a clean, tidy make-up storage unit, which probably took you hours if it was anything like mine!
Hopefully that was in some way helpful! Let me know how you like to organise your make-up!!

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