Friday, 27 June 2014

June Chat!

Hello guys! Today's post is just going to be a little ramble-y chat about what I've been up to and things like that. I was thinking of posting these monthly or so, if you would like to read them. Anyways, I have my list beside me and I'm ready for mind dumping!!

So last month I finished school for the summer, and since then I've sorta been reflecting on the last year and I have to say, this year (4th year)  has definitely been the best, school-wise. I was thinking about doing a ' My TY Experience ' post, because I would have liked to have seen one this time last year! 
Anyway, after a week of exams, we had a small graduation and it was the sweetest thing ever! The introduction was said in all the different languages associated with our year, and me and a friend did a part of it in sign language (Scariest. Thing. Ever.)! There was a talent portion where people sang and danced and the likes, then all the awards were handed out. The last part was the best though, we sang a song, to the air of 'Midnight Memories' that was written by a few in our year all about what we had got up to during the past year! Heart-meltingly cute!!

A few days after I finished school, I started my new summer job! Working in a petrol pumps mightn't be the most glamorous, but to me, it was a massive tick of my bucket list!  Last year I handed out an uncountable number of CVs to every shop,salon and service station under the sun and not one single reply! However, luck turned my way, and I'm finally getting a weekly pay package (melodramatic?)!! Who knew I could get so excited about having to get up at 6 o'clock during my holidays?!

I wouldn't be Irish if I didn't mention the weather! However, the past fortnight has been something else entirely! Anything over 20° in Ireland is considered a heatwave so when it's 25°+, everyone goes ABSOLUTELY MENTAL and does everything in their power to get to a beach ASAP!
Going to the beach also entails being sun safe, which means to many of us applying a scraping of last years sun cream, in the hope of catching a tan instead of sizzling to a crisp! I'm not the happiest to admit that I did exactly that, and suffered the consequences, badly! Not only did I not apply sufficient amounts of (in date) SPF, but I also managed to fall asleep whilst enjoying the rays! Really not my brightest moment! It's safe to say that I'm now an itchy mess of peeling red skin! Not exactly the "Golden Goddess" look I was hoping for!!

Onto a more serious note, being internet-less!! You may have noticed a lack of content the past few weeks but I actually have a valid excuse this time! Long story short, my brother moved out of the house and took the laptop with him (the struggle was real!). However, that isn't the end of the horror! A few days later (or before. I can't remember properly, it's all just a black, depressing memory...) my phone broke. Just broke. Completely and utterly let me down when I needed it the most. Typical! During this period when we were in the middle of getting a new laptop and my phone was being given CPR, I thought about how much we depend on the internet. I was never so bored in my life! I couldn't text anyone to see if they were free (my family has a home phone, yes, but an v. old fashioned one which means that to use it, I'd have to memorize all my friends numbers! I remembered ONE person's number!!), stalk anyone's facebook page (only as a friend, of course!), or contemplate the meaning of life on tumblr!!
Anyway enough of the depressing thoughts! I was being efficient with my (lonely) time, being internet-less, and I have a list of blog posts I want write, so be excited for them! I hope to do more lifestyle and fashion posts very soon, but I'm still deciding if I want to do a mini series on my summer adventures, or just impromptu posts about what I've been getting up to, like this one! Let me know what you'd like!

So that's it for today's post! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

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