Thursday, 17 July 2014

DIY Tin Can Lantern

Hey guys! Today's post is a DIY Tin Can Lantern!! I saw this first in a supplement in a paper a few weeks back and I thought I had to give it a try! Of course I would end up losing said paper, so I just winged it and here are the results!

What You Need
- tin can
-a creative imagination, or some tin can lantern patterns 

What To Do
1.Take off the label, fill the can with water, and pop it into the freezer for a few hours, or over night.

2. Measure the can and create a stencil to fit the can.

(symmetry is not my strong point, apparently!)
3. Highlight where you want to pierce the can, by drawing dots along your stencil.

4.Tape the stencil to the can.

5. Place the tin can horizontally onto a towel, on a solid surface, like a counter-top

6. Place the nail over the first dot and hammer it through the metal.

7. Continue to do this with all of the dots.

8. Remove the stencil, and let the ice melt.

And basically, mine turned out crappy! The holes were too far apart, so you couldn't really see a pattern, just a bunch of oddly placed holes! So I made a new one!!

A bit of old rubbish went from this...

to this!! Great!

Can you guess which one is my second attempt?!

These looking rather dashing on a vanity or just in your room, but I plan to hang them on trees for when I'm going camping! To make the handle, all you have to do is punch two holes on either side of the can, and thread some wire through!

Let me know if you decide to make one of these! Tweet me a pic if you do!

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