Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Bare Essentials; Fashion (Part 3)

Hey guys! This is the third and final installment of the three part series sharing my thoughts and tips for when you're travelling light!
Weather your only taking hand luggage or would rather not be heaving bags upon bags of unnecessary junk whilst on holidays, this is the post(s) for you!

This post is all about fashion, as the name suggests! Clothes take up most of suitcases, and can be the making or breaking of 'packing light'! It is also the area where you can make the biggest saving on space,so if you failed on the previous two posts, fear not!

My Tips

#. Plan your outfits. Whilst packing, write down outfits that you could wear and also incorporate items that could be paired with many other outfits. Your more likely to stick to your list, instead of just adding to your bag as you go along.
#2.One pieces. Anything from dresses to rompers to jumpsuits! Absolute lifesaver in terms of packing light! One outfit in one item of clothing, need I explain further?
#3. Pack a heavy jumper. By this stage, you might be getting carried away with only packing your lightest clothes, but you never knnow if the weather might not be as expected! Nighttime wanderings isn't half as fun if the wind is incessantly blowing on your bare arms! A hoodie can even double up as a pillow if your stuck on a train with a chatty neighbour!
#4. Pack a camisole. Again, if the weather isn't great, these can be thrown under your tops for an extra layer of warmth, with hardly and space taken in your suitcase!

What I'm Bringing

Tops: Various blouses,tanks,camis and a kimono
Bottoms: denim and cotton shorts and a skirt
One pieces: many a dress and a romper
Heavy clothes: a hoodie and a pair of ripped jeans!

That's all for this post and for this series! I hope you enjoyed it and let  me know if I should do more of this! Don't forget to check out part 1&2 also!

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