Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Bare Essentials; Skin Care (Part 2)

Hey guys! This is the second installment of the three part series sharing my thoughts and tips for when you're travelling light!
Weather your only taking hand luggage or would rather not be heaving bags upon bags of unnecessary junk whilst on holidays, this is the post(s) for you!

For this post, it'll be about skin care! In this day and age, many of us have lengthy and complicated skin care regimes, and it turns out to be quite the task to bring them abroad when many lotions and potions are over the legal amount to bring on a plane!!

My Tips

#1. Keep it simple. The main reason why this post is the shortest out of all three posts! Go back to basics, a classic cleanse and moisturize should be keep everything under control. Bearing in mind, a good deep cleanse and scrub might be in store once you get back!

#2. Use travel/sample pots. Unless your taking a three month leave of absence, your not going to need full-sized products. So put your cleansers,moisturizers,etc. into empty sample pots or even travel containers to save on space!

#3. Drink plenty water. Not necessarily a packing tip, not to mind the fact that drink water is supposed to be a ritual of every day! In any case, water will make your skin glow that will hopefully make up for the lack of your usual routine!

What I'm Bringing

Oatmeal. Bit of a strange one to use as a cleanser but oatmeal does wonders for your skin! (Read about it here)
Simple hydrating light moisturizer
Boots cleansing wipes

And that's it! I hoped you guys enjoyed part two of this mini series! Make sure to check out part 1 and part 3 which are all about make-up and fashion!

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