Sunday, 10 August 2014

A July Chat!

Hey guys! I know this is a tad late, but better late than never, right? Anyways, this is my monthly chat on things that I've been getting up to (in case it might interest someone!)! Firstly, can I just say, where has July gone? It has absolutely flown by at the speed of lightning! I can not believe that  we are now in August and that I'm going back to school in a matter of weeks! EEK!

Anyhow, probably the most highly anticipated thing for July was the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert held in Marlay Park. I don't think anyone can fully grasp my love for those two and I just couldn't wait to see them again after they played in the O2 last year! This year's was a whole lot different though! First off, it was my first ever outdoor concert, and I feel like I got a good lesson in outdoor concerts! It was raining one minute then the sun was splitting the stones the next minute, there was mud everywhere and the crowd was crazy! Basically on a whole other level to any other indoor concert! Secondly, it was kind of like a mini festival there was three other artists (including Ellie Goulding) performing as well! I had forgotten about that so it was like four for the price of one!

Next up was a barbecue! Personally I think that BBQs are the essence of summer; long warm nights, friends and eating burgers that you hope are cooked! Anyway, this wasn't a run of the mill BBQ! We're talking about a DJ and a load of randomers turning up for free food (evidently, I didn't host it, but kudos to my friend who did though!)! We had a great night all the same (and we managed to escape the post-apocalyptic clean-up!)!

Another highlight of July was a little family holiday to Bilbao in Spain! We actually went out to see my brother who is working over there! We stayed in Pension Zubia which I totally recommend to anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful place to stay which is really centrally located as well! Bilbao is such a nice city to visit if your looking for a bit of sight seeing, shopping and maybe a cheeky trip to the beach! I feel like Northern Spain can be so forgotten about when think of a holiday destination, that it almost feels like a hidden gem, since there is hardly any tourists there (or any English spoken there, for that matter!) If you are going there, I would recommend you to bring an umbrella with you at all times, because rain is a regular unexpected occurrence here! (Speaking from experience of not having an umbrella!!)

Alas, what I've been doing the most of this month, is working! I mentioned in my last chat post that I had got a job and that I was very happy about it too! but boy am I pooped by the end of  each week! Apparently, 6 am starts and anything less than 8 hours sleep isn't my cuppa tea!!

So there you go, my July Chat! let me know if you got up to anything interesting over the month!!

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