Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lipcote Review

Does your lipstick ever fade throughout the day? Does it ever transfer onto cups, glasses, etc? Does it feather and stray from your lips? I can give a pretty educated guess that anyone who has ever worn lipstick, will say yes to  these questions! Well, Lipcote has come to the rescue! I don't know how but this stuff keeps your lipstick looking fresh as a daisy throughout the day, even enduring many meals and cups of tea!

To get the best results, apply your lipstick as you would normally do, blot and repeat. Then swipe some of the clear liquid all over your lips and slightly around the mouth. Keep your lips apart while it dries, then you're good to go!

This stuff is exactly what it says on the tin!; seals your lip colour. Not only does it make it last longer, but it also prevents your lipstick from transferring onto other surfaces! In my opinion, I think that this Lipcote should be a staple in anyone's make up kit!

However, I have to say, Lipcote isn't the most comfortable on your lips, especially in the beginning when you first apply it. It feels like it would completely shrivel your lips, but once your lips are moisturised, they'll be fine. That being said, the feeling of being completely aware of your lipstick does go away after a while.

You can buy Lipcote in boots and it's about the fiver euro mark, which I think is a total bargain, for something that is now firmly in my make up bag!

The lipstick that I'm wearing in the following is Seventeen Stay Pout in Kiss Me Quick.

With Lipcote.

 (please excuse the change of lighting)

Without Lipcote

(sorry there is none of my whole face for 6.17 but it had basically totally gone off my lips!)

So that's all for today! Let me know if you ever used Lipcote!

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