Sunday, 12 October 2014

August/September Chat!

Hey guys! Today's posts is just a chat about what I've been getting up to recently. Sorry that I didn't get to post one for August but I felt like not much has happened! So this one is a mixture of August and September!

August was mainly composed of working, going to Irish College, and desperately  trying not to think about the imminent arrival of school!

The Irish College I went to was called UISCE in Co. Mayo, and I just loved it! I had already been their during the Easter holidays  and as soon I landed back in Cork I knew I'd be going back again ( a 50% off scholarship didn't go astray either)! So I packed my bags and headed off on an eight hour journey with a friend to the isolated Gaeltacht that is UISCE, Cuan Eilí, Bhéal an Mhuirthead,Co. Mhaigh Eo, Éire!  We surfed, sailed and kayaked our way to better Irish (cheeesy)! We had the best craic during the céilí, BBQs and even in the classes(!!). I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone to go to the Gaeltacht to improve their Irish, or even just to  visit the remote places, simply for it's scenery!

Soon after, it was time to return to school, and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. You may have noticed a distinct lack of blog post during the end of August, start of September, and it was purely down to the stress and overload of being back in school. Coming from TY into fifth year was a complete shock. I knew it wasn't going to be the same, but fifth year started with all this crazy talk of the Leaving Cert, college courses and CAO points. That would have been bad enough alone, but it completely freaked me out because I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for the next 40 approx years!!  Anyway I've settled into fifth year since then (in a begrudgingly way, but you know, I'm coping!) and thankfully, gotten into a semi-routine for my blog!

Also in September, my friend held a "dinner party" (not in a pinkie-finger-pointing-upwards-whilst drinking-tea-from-chin-cups way, but in a let's just-eat-yummy-food way!) for a few of the friends. And OH MY GOOD GOD, it was divine! We had garlic bread for starter, mushroom and chicken vol-au-vents for main course and profiteroles for dessert. Perfection!

A momentous occasion happened in September. A blood test. Ever since the age 8, when I got my first (and previous to this, only) blood test, I have the biggest phobia of needles (Aichmophobia, thanks google!), and I vowed to never have a blood test again! So when the doctor announced to me that I had to have a blood test (to find out why I was having quite large nosebleeds about every two days)  I nearly cried. Melodramatic? As always! But I survived the episode without as much as a tear! It mightn't have been as bad as my eight-year-old self made it out to be, but I'd rather if I didn't have to got through it again!
As a treat, My mum and I went out for lunch after the test. How much filling can one put in triangle sandwiches? Apparently quite a lot!!

So that's all for this month! Let me know if you have any bad medical memories that probably weren't as bad as you remember in the comments!

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