Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Pamper Routine

Hey guys! Today's post is My Pamper Routine. Now that winter is starting to roll around, I feel like my skin is in need of some TLC and there is nothing better than a warm bath on a cold night, am I right ladies?!
So here's what I do when I want to unwind!

Earlier on in the day, I like to apply raw egg to my hair. Using eggs for your hair is said to reduce the amount of split ends and it definitely makes your hair smoother and less tangled. It's also a hellova lot cheaper than the likes of Macadamia Oil! After it's in my hair, I pull my hair back into a bun and go about my day (hopefully not going outside! The sight and smell of eggs in your hair isn't overly pleasant!)

Once I have left the egg in my hair to soak for a few hours, I whack on a face mask. Generally. I'll use whatever I have at hand, or sometimes I'll go DIY and make one myself. At the moment I'm using a LUSH Fresh Face Mask called Brazened Honey (typical me forgot to include a picture, but it's linked anyway!) Winter skincare is all about moisturising . This mask hydrates without leaving my already oily skin feeling greasy. It's also lightly exfoliating so it kills two birds with one stone!

While the face mask is doing it's job, I run a bath and light a few candles (it's all about the ambience!). Personally, I think a hot soak in a bath is one of the most relaxing things. Sometimes I read a book in the bath, but I'm that person who forever drops their phone on their face whilst chilling in bed, so bringing a book to the bath is taking a risk! Instead, I usually just let my thoughts run free and (hopefully) de-clutter my mind! I wash off my face mask and pop a bath bomb into the water. I'm pretty sure that everyone can agree that LUSH is the way to go for bath bombs.  I used Dragons Egg last week, and I swear that I can still smell a hint of citrus and sherbet when I walk into the bathroom!

After I decent half hour of relaxation in the bath, I wash out my hair. Following that I move onto skincare.
 For my face, I skip cleansing and simply follow the rest of my skincare routine and I use The Body Shop's Shea butter lip balm for my lips. For the rest of my body, I cover myself in a body butter. The one I'm using at the moment is from a trio by Nip and Fab and it does the job nicely (To be honest, I'm a bit of a floozy when it comes to body butter, so I'll use whatever I have!)
 For my feet, I use a pumice stone to rub away any rough patches and then I'll moisturise them with Scholl's Deep Moisturising Cream which hands down, is the best foot cream I have ever used!
For my tired, overworked hands, I use LUSH's Tiny Hands, This solid hand cream effectively keeps my hands from being dry and last for absolutely yonks as well!!
The finally thing on the moisturising front, is a leave-in conditioner from (can you guess?) LUSH. Jungle is another solid product so it lasts for ages and keeps the hair feeling smooth and conditioned.

Now that I'm dosed  up on the moisture levels, I get into my comfiest, fluffiest pajamas and slippers and cuddle up in a soft throw blanket (Penney's does this best!), settle down by the T.V. and do my nails. At the moment, I'm loving No.7 Gel Look Shine Nail Polish in Hotting up because it lasts the bones of a week, and I'm the worst for re-doing my nails regularly!

That's all for my Pamper Routine! Let me know what you do to unwind at the end of the week! (Or if you think that I should slow down on all the LUSH products!)

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