Sunday, 2 November 2014

An October Chat

Hey guys! Today's post is my October Chat! For once I'm actually posting this on time!

First up on my monthly agenda was my birthday! I kept the celebrations fairly low key, just going shopping with a few friends, an OTT takeaway and right auld gossip session! pretty typical for a 17 year old girl's party!

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and my friend held a coffee morning in aid of breast cancer research. There was soooo many lovely cupcakes and goodies and everything was decorated in pink! There was a massive raffle too in which I won a soap hamper! In total, the coffee morning raised well over €1000 for the cause which was absolutely fantastic! 

Next up was the mid-term break. Probably the most exciting thing about October, was the fact that we had a week off school! (9 solid weeks of school was too much to handle!) I had planned to totally relax and unwind during the week but instead me and some friends were called upon to go potato harvesting (or spudding as we call it!). Rummaging through piles of potatoes to find mushy rotten spuds while your toes go numb from the cold, wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I though of unwinding! I was grateful for the pay though as I had done some serious financial damage whilst shopping!

In case you hadn't noticed, I also revamped my blog design! I wasn't happy with the previous one as it was very girly and pink and definitely not me at all! I'm liking this design at the moment and I hope I still will in a few months because it took soooo long to do!!

I couldn't finish an October Chat without mentioning Halloween! Even though I didn't go out on the night (unless you count going to Mass, bant on!), I did you to a Halloween party the night before. Technically, I didn't "dress up" but I did do a few cuts and wounds on my face using face paint! 

So that's all for this post let me know what you got up to for Halloween and if you like the new blog look!!

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