Sunday, 16 November 2014

Real Techniques: Core Collection | Review

I've had these brushes for over a year now and I've never really came around to reviewing them. One reason might be that since I've brought them, I've always seen them as an essential part of my make up routine and not really something I thought about. 
I'd thought I'd give my two cents on this set for you since there are so many on the market these days! (And yes you did hear me right when I said I have them over a year, and they're still in use!)

The Core Collection Set from Real Techniques is designed by Sam and Nic Chapman , from the wonderful pixiwoo channel on YouTube, and they retail at about €30. In the set you get 4 brushes. The contour brush, the pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush and the buffing brush. All of the brushes are dense, soft and not once have I seen a single bristle fall out!
The set also includes a case to carry them in which is perfect for storage and travelling. The case also has extra space for other brushes too!

First up is the contour brush. It's shape is quite unlike other contour brushes. This one is tapered and personally, I prefer it to the more traditional fluffy angled shaped ones. I always use this with a matte bronzer to give shape to my face, but it is also a perfect size to highlight with.

Next on the list is the pointed foundation brush. In my opinion, this brush is too small to apply foundation with (never really liked applying foundation with a foundation brush...strangely!) but I often use it for concealer. It is absolutely the perfect size from under concealing under eye circles. The pointed end also makes spot concealing much easier than simply using your fingers.

Thirdly is the detailer brush. You can use this with a concealer or as a lip brush. I normally use the foundation brush with my concealer, so I use this as a lip brush. I don't always reach for a lip brush when I'm applying lipstick (ain't nobody got time for that!), but if I want a really defined lipline, this is my best friend! It's firm enough to give a precise line but it also has enough flexibility to allow to quickly fill in your lip.

Lastly is my joint favourite, with the contour brush, it's the buffing brush. This is the right multi-tasker of the lot! Mostly I use this with liquid foundation, but it could also be used with cream or powder foundations, blushers, bronzer, ... the list is endless! Apart from the fact that it has a multitude of uses, it blends like a beauty! In less than no time, foundation is even and always streak free! Even if I'm using a sponge or another brush to apply my foundation (rarely happens) I nearly always go over it with this to make sure I have no harsh lines.

Basically, there isn't a brush in this set that I wouldn't use and at less than €30 it wouldn't be totally heartbreaking if there was!

Let me know if you use this brushes, and what you think of them!

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