Sunday, 28 December 2014

Winter Favourites 2014

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas and are now typically regretting every last Quality Street that entered your mouth! Oh well, it happens every year!
 Anyway, today's post is my Winter favourites!

First up is my skincare favourites. Since a few weeks back I did a complete overhaul of my skincare regime (new post about that coming soon) and it was the Lush Love Lettuce and the Unicorn Aromatherapy Eye Gel that stood out the most.
The face mask keeps my skin from going too mad with the spots. If you are looking for something that moisturises and helps control acne then this is perfect! Being honest, this stuff is probably the best face mask I'e ever tried! (and that saying something!)

I found this (massive pot of) eye gel at the Cork Craft Fair a while back and I kind of instantly fell in love! I've only ever tried samples of eye gel/cream and I was never too impressed with them. I wanted something really basic, literally just a moisturising gel. I didn't want to be faffing around with one that were de-puffing, brightening or tightening (Christ, I'm only 17!) and this stuff literally all I wanted. And at only €8 for 100mls I couldn't go wrong!

Next on the list is a Lavender solid perfume. Realistically, I don't use this as a perfume (it's longevity leaves a lot to be desired!) However, I do rub this under my nose before I go to sleep and I actually think that this helps me sleep better. It doesn't necessarily make me go to sleep faster, but when I wake up after using this it definitely feels like I'm after power sleeping (does that even makes sense??) Maybe its a placebo, but if it makes me feel better, then who cares?

Keeping with the smelly theme, candles has been another favourite. I mentioned in my winter essentials post that candles were just a necessity in the winter months but I've really been loving the snow love candle by Yankee Candles.

Does soap count as keeping with the smelly theme? Well, it should because the smell of the LUSH soap,  Honey I Washed The Kids, is the main reason I love it so much! Fo Realz tho, I want to smother in this caramel scented all the time! It's just so yummy! The best thing though, is that the scent lingers on your skin, I've even got complements on this while I'm just going about my day!

The only makeup item in this bunch is the Sleek Face Form. I got this trio in the summer, but I forgot to mention it in my summer favourites. However, it is still firmly in place in my makeup bag! I bought this for the contour shade firstly, but it was the highlighter that really wowed me! When I saw it in the pan, it looked very glittery and shimmery, but this gives such a beautiful glow to the skin, more than I though a powder highlighter could do! The darker shade is exactly what I wanted it to be too. I mentioned how I used it in  my Everyday Makeup Routine also. The blush colour is pink with gold flecks running through it which is perfect for the summer time, but not really suited for this season, in my opinion.

Another summer discovery is the tweezerman tweezer. HO-LY GOD! I never knew I could fall for a tweezers. I am one who hates plucking my eyebrows, until this came along! This gets every hair and is so precise, it has actually changed my (eyebrow's) life! Definitely an item worth investing in!

For the past few weeks, I have been listening to Ed Sheeran's Multiply album! It's rare that you come across an album that you actually enjoy every song, and this is coming from someone who wasn't a great fan of Ed in the first place. I have to give a little love to Taylor Swift's album too though!

My next favourite is not exactly a mainstream one, it's Space Odyssey from the Relaxing White Noise Youtube Channel. I had my Christmas exams the other week and this was a life saver! I have no idea how it works but it allowed me to keep my focus while I was studying (ahem, cramming!). When I would finish a study session with this playing I would be amazed at how much I studied and how long I was able to study for. I would highly recommend this if you are like me and procrastination is my best talent!

So those are my Winter Favourites! Let me know what yours are!

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