Thursday, 8 January 2015

Winter Skincare Routine

Since my last skincare post, I have changed it up quite a bit in line with the changing seasons. In the colder months, my normally oily skin tends to become much drier, so in turn I like to counteract that by using more moisturising products.  Without any more waffle let’s see what I do!

In The Morning

To cleanse my face I use oatmeal. Not exactly your conventional cleanser, but it works as good if not better than most! I religiously used oatmeal as a cleanser a year or two ago, but stopped due to its messy nature (yep, it goes everywhere!), but I rekindled my love for it when I brought it on holidays with me during the summer (read more here). I started using this twice daily when my other cleanser ran out and it has done wonders for my skin! I pour a small fistful of oats into my palm mix in a few drops of water & apply it to my face. To get the full benefit, I like to massage it into my skin for a few minutes (or as long as I have in the morning, a few minutes is more of a aspiration than a reality!) Then I wash it of using a warm, damp face cloth. The slight exfoliation brings a glow to my skin and helps massively to gently combat those ever-present spots!
Then I move onto moisturiser. The Nivea Lotion is my current moisturiser. I’ve been liking this one as it moisturises my face without leaving an oily residue. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as it has less than €2 for a 150ml bottle and it’s probably mostly fillers, which do nothing for your skin. I bought this simply because my previous one ran out and I needed a moisturiser ASAP! I think I might return to the Nivea Light Day Moisturiser as I never had any problems with this when I used to use it ages ago!
Even though it’s winter, and ironically, I didn’t use SPF on a daily basis during the summer months,  I’ve learned over the past while that SPF is essential in any skincare routine, even if you don’t plan on staying out in the sun. UVA/B rays not only come from the sun but they also radiate from laptop screens, lamps, basically anything that gives out light! Because of that I use Nivea Sunscreen Factor 30 for kids(!!) everyday all over my face, making sure I include my neck.

In The Evening

To remove my makeup I use the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad and wipe it all off. To remove my eye makeup, I rub a small amount of Vaseline all over my eyelids, focusing on my eyelashes (They’re Real is a bit of a b*tch to get off). I massage it around until I successfully look like a melting panda and then I go in again with the Micellar Water to quickly remove the mess! The Micellar Water works fine on its own when taking off eye makeup, but I found that using Vaseline in conjunction with it was the quickest way to get it all off.
I then cleanse and moisturise my skin as I would in the morning time but instead off using SPF, I use the Unicorn Aromatherapy Eye Gel. I take the tiniest amount of the gel on to my ring finger and massage it in a circle all around my eye area. Since I started using this, I found my eye makeup goes on much easier and is much easier to blend as well, so I’ll definitely be keeping up with this one!


As I have mentioned up above, I have quite oily skin, which is prone to a bit of acne. To minimise these spots I put Sudocreme and Tea Tree Oil on any active breakouts, and leave it on overnight. This usually reduces the redness and helps the breakout to heal faster too.
A recent addition to my skincare regime was the LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask. I found that with regular use this reduced my oiliness and also make me skin really clear! This stuff literally just ran out on me and I’m actually dying without it!

And that’s all for my skincare routine during the colder months! Let me know what your winter skincare regime is in the comment section!

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