Sunday, 8 February 2015

January Chat 2015

I know I always start off these monthly chats with saying the say the same thing, but I have to say it again; where has January gone?! I feel like I have only just started to settle into 2015 and we are already on February??? Now that I have my broken-record-spiel out of the way, let’s begin!

I spent New Year’s Day with my family, and we had a really spectacular dinner at my cousin’s house! As per the norm, my parents and Aunt spent the whole day talking me of other relatives, which I hadn’t met before. Which was fine, until said relatives showed up and apparently I did meet them before and I had no recollection of who they were! Naturally, a hushed conversation followed consisting of me anxiously asking my mother when I had meet them, hoping that I would remember them!! I don’t know why I was so shocked when this situation occurred, seeing as this happens more often than you’d think!

Next up was the BT Young Scientist Exhibition, which was a trip down memory lane! I competed in the competition last year and loved the whole experience! I would have loved to have done another project for this year’s exhibition but… you know… 5th year got in the way! I travelled up to Dublin with the school and spent the whole basically interrogating the participants about their project, which I’m sure they were very grateful for (cough, cough!)!
Of course, one simply does not go to Dublin without have a peak at the shops, especially during the sale season! I mostly picked up things for a friend’s birthday but I also snapped up an Urban Outfitters dress for close to nothing!

Possibly the most exciting aspect of January was the snow. Yes, snow! I’m easily pleased! Being honest, we hadn’t as much as other years, but I had completely given up hope any snow this year! I even managed to get a day off too! (Don’t ask me how I managed it though, my mother is a stickler for attendance!)

Lastly was the Annual GAA Dinner Dance. Me and a few friends were in two minds about going and we basically decided to on the last minute that we would. Thank God we did though, because we had an absolute ball!

That’s all for this month! Let me know what you got up to during January!

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