Sunday, 1 March 2015

W7 In The Nude Palette | Review

Hey guys! Today’s post is a review on The W7 In The Nude Palette. I’ve seen a few of these palettes floating around the place and it’s obvious that they are blatant copies of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes! Guessing by the packaging and colour scheme (and possibly the fact that the shades are basically in the same order!), the one that I’m reviewing today is supposed to be the Naked 3 dupe. The palettes generally retail for about €10 and are available in most pharmacies.

This palette contains 12 eye shadows, 3 of which are matte and all the rest are shimmer. The product also come with an applicator that has a flat brush at one end and a sponge tip applicator at the other. I suppose it’s handy to have it, in case you’re stuck for something to use, but as with all applicators that come with eye shadows, they’re difficult to use and a bit of a waste of time really!

As for the eye shadow themselves, over all, I really enjoy using them! The darker shades are my favourite colour because I find the colour payoff is much better in comparison to the lighter shades. I have to mention that I noticed some fall out when using the palette, especially with the lighter, shimmer-y shades. I mean, it can be easily avoided by using a primer, dusting away after with a tissue, or doing your eye makeup first, then foundation (which I personally do when using this), but it’s still a factor that irks me somewhat when using these eye shadows.

I was pleasantly surprised with the creaminess of the shadows. For the price, I was expecting the eye shadows to be a tad bit chalky and hard to work with, but the opposite is true! I was able to create really smokey, blended out looks with this and crisp fresh looks also. I didn’t notice much creasing of the shadows throughout the day either (well, nothing more than I usually get, damn you oily skin!).

I suppose the big question is, does it live up to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette? I created similar intense smokey eyes on two occasions using the W7 palette for one occasion and the Urban Decay palette for the other, and the W7 palette held up pretty well against the UD one. The Urban Decay smokey eye did require less time and effort to build up the intensity that I was looking for but I eventually ended up with getting the same effect from the W7 palette ( yes, it was mini fist pump moment for my miser self!). I would say that it was a lot easier to get a vibrant colour from the lighter shades of the Urban Decay one in comparison to the W7 palette, but definitely not worth the extra 20+ quid for it!

I would 100% recommend the W7 In The Nude palette if you are in the market for a pink toned neutral palette. Without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll be back to pick up another of these palettes!

Let me know if you have one of the W7 palettes and what you think of it!