Sunday, 10 May 2015

Spring Smokey Eye

So before we get started I'd like to apologise for being MIA recently. I missed last weeks post because I fell ill during the weekend and didn't have a post in the pipes ready to go (shame on me!) And yes, I know that this post is late too but I have to admit that blogging hasn't been high on my list of priorities. The last few weeks have been hectic for me and any schedule I had has been completely written off. I should be back to my usual routine soon enough though, so fear not (that was more of an encouraging comment to myself, I don't fare well without a sense of routine!)

With all that said, this weeks post  is a spring inspired smoky eye. Technically, it's summer now seeing as it's May, but the gloomy skies are something else! So let's just compromise and call it spring where all sorts of weather are accepted!

So first of all I started off with my face makeup and my eyebrows done.

Starting off the eye look, I take the midtone and matte brown colours through my crease using the Real Techniques base shadow brush.

Then I take MAC's eyeshadow in Humid and put that through my crease again but focusing on the outer 1/4 of my eyelid. I blended that with the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush. Taking the same colour on the accent brush, I pop a little along my bottom eyelashes.

Then taking the olive shade in the Sleek palette I sweep that across my entire lid, except the very inner corner. I also layered it over the eyeshadow I put under my bottom eyelashes, and brought it forward towards the inner eye.

Following that, I took the gold shimmery colour on the deluxe crease brush and put that on the inner quarter of my eyelid to brighten the look.

To finish off the look I curled my eyelashes, put on mascara and popped on some KIKO lipstick 02.

So that's all for this week! Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this post!

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