Monday, 15 June 2015

Catch-Up Chat!

Hey guys! I should probably apologise  for the lack of posts... again! I know, I know, I promised in my last post that I wasn't to be missing anymore posts but things got a bit hectic in past few weeks and all sense of time completely left me and before I knew it I hadn't updated my blog in how long?? But now that I got my summer holidays, I have three whole months to myself so I really don't have any excuse for not writing! As for this post, I don't have any real aim to it, take it as more of a catch up to fill you in on what I have been getting up to and to let ye know what I have loving to read or watch online!

So exam season came and went in a horrific blur of stress, lost notes and aching hands. As per. It's crazy to think that that was my last set of end of year exams before my Leaving Cert. It only seems like yesterday that I walked into secondary school as a first year in my oversized uniform! Where did the years go? Okay, now I'm starting to sound like my mother! As soon as the exams were finished, I headed off to Lourdes as a youth helper which entailed getting up at 6.00 every morning to sweep floors, wash bathrooms and wheel people in wheelchairs around from various Mass all while having the biggest smile on your face! It is was definitely a great experience and wish I could do it all again (although not right now, my feet are still aching!)

Since the exams were just on, naturally obscene amounts of procrastination occurred! So I just want to mention a few blogs that I have been reading lately and some Youtubers who I have recently discovered.

  • Casey Neistat. A film maker living in NYC who makes the most creative and entertaining daily vlogs. Ever. 'Nuff said
  • Career Girl Daily. A group of lovely ladies who share their tips on everything regarding career, fashion, beauty and travel.
  • Charlotte Ryan. An Irish youtuber who lives in Brighton and her editing skills are on point for someone who hasn't even been vlogging for a year yet!
  • Buzzfeed. Not exactly a newb but nevertheless, with each coming day, I waste more of my time on this watching anything (like literally, why do I feel the need to watch men walk in stilettos for the first time?)
So that's all for this week! let me know what you have been getting up to lately!

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