Sunday, 30 August 2015

Being A Tourist In Your Own City.

For the first time in my life, I managed to keep a new year's resolution; to explore my locality. Back in January, I was talking to my Mam about how we have visited multiple foreign lands and explored their tourist attractions but we rarely notice what is right in front of us. So, we took it upon ourselves to make a concious effort to travel around this little city of ours and appreciate what was right there all along!

In light of all that, today's post is my top tips for being a tourist in your own city.

Do your research
If you were like me, you don't know what's around you, so get on over to TripAdvisor type your city in and see what pops up. Surprisingly, I found Instagram to be quite useful, even more so than TripAdvisor if I do say so myself. Just search the tags of your destination and you will be amazed at the things you could find! Researching through Instagram is also really helpful if you are looking for places to see which are off the beaten track instead of just the top attractions of your area. If you're in Cork I'd definitely check out @ItsCorkLike on Instagram.

Have a goal
Have something to aim for. Whether that's to find the best coffee in the city or maybe just to visit a few attractions every month. Once you have made a conscious goal to do something then it'll be much easier to stick to it rather than just thinking about doing something. (Whoa, did I just give life advice?)

Have a partner
Everything is better when it's done in pairs, right? Grab a like-minded friend and start ticking off places on your list. Not only is it more fun but you're much more likely to actually to go visit places and do things when it seems like someone is relying on you.

Get a camera and go
The best places and the ones you find yourself. Just take a day off from everything and walk around. You're guaranteed to find something you've never seen before or even just a quirk that you've never appreciated until now. It might just be a piece of graffiti on a wall or quite park but it feels 100x more special when you found a place by yourself instead of having found it off the internet ( and yes, I know I'm totally contradicting myself here!)

Just do it
If you're not exploring your city because your waiting for the right time, a groupon code, for the stars to be perfectly aligned, then just do it, now! Countless times I've heard people (and myself) say "I'd love to that, I just wish I had the time". Make time. Put it in on your calendar. Book the trip. Whatever. Just go find what your city has to offer you, and appreciate what is right there.

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