Sunday, 2 August 2015

Summer Favourites| 2015

Hello there fellow internet beings! Today’s post is all about my Summer Favourites. I’ll tell you one that wasn’t a favourite this season, the weather! Every so often we might get a sunny day but apart from that it has been rainy, muggy and grey all summer long. Not what I had in mind for my summer adventures! Despite the miserable weather, I found a few products which manage to put a smile on my face over the past few months!

My first favourite is by far my favourite favourite out of my favourites (take a shot every time I say favourite!) and that is Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter body butter. It contains a multitude of moisturising ingredients which are blended together to create a thick butter and leaves your skin feeling like absolute silk! NO LIE! Even though the formula is a dense heavy butter, it sinks into your skin immediately and leaves no residue on the skin which means you can get dressed straight after putting this on. I swear to God, this stuff is what dreams are made from!

Next on the list is another product form Soap and Glory and it is The Scrub Of Your Life. This product is packed with grains and beads and it really gets those dead skin cells off! It is perfect for removing fake tan once it is past its expiry date and goes all patchy. I have really dry elbows and knees which tend to go a bit flaky (TMI?) but when I massage the scrub into them and follow up with a touch of The Righteous Butter they are as soft as a baby’s bottom!

I realise that this is now my third time in a row talking about the Colab dry shampoo but I just can’t help myself! I justify talking about it yet again because the one in the picture here is a different scent and I much prefer the London scent over the other smell. The real reason I love this dry shampoo so much is because it is just the perfect dry shampoo. I’ll spare you details but if you really need a reminder head back to my last 2 posts where I praised them to the heights!

Another favourite which I mentioned in my previous post is Lush’s Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask. Again, I’ll try not to repeat myself too much, but this is my favourite face mask ever! It keeps my skin balance and generally helps it to stay calm and collected!

Moving onto the makeup favourites, my preferred foundation of the summer came in the form of the L’Oreal True Match foundation. I don’t know why it took me so long to pick this one up since it has been continuously raved about in the blogisphere for years now, but I’m glad I finally managed to! It covers up a multitude of sins on my face but it never looks cake-y and always looks like skin, even if you’re throwing it on by the bucket load! The foundation is really light weight so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a tonne of makeup either! The only downside to this foundation is the packaging. Since the product is so fluid, it constantly seems to leak out of the pump which is so so annoying since it looks really messy, but I’m ok with that as long as the actual product works!

Next up is the Essence Lip Pencil in Satin Mauve. Apparently this is the dupe of the lip pencil that Kylie Jenner uses, but I have never used her lip pencil so I can’t comment on that aspect, but I still really like the product itself. It is really pigmented so you can overdraw your lips without it being detectable and it lasts a pretty long time too. What I was really impressed with was the texture of the pencil. I wasn’t expecting much when I picked this up for under €2 in Penneys, but the formula is really creamy which means that it doesn’t drag the skin when applying it and it also sits really comfortably on the skin too! The only let down to the pencil is that it is kind of difficult to sharpen it which makes for a hot mess of a pencil! But once you do get a nice sharp tip on it, it is the perfect budget lip pencil!

My last makeup related item is the W7 In The Nude Palette. I have done a review on this a while ago and I am still loving it! As you can tell it is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and it is soooo much cheaper! I use this all the time if I am going on a night out as it can create a beautiful rosy smoky eye look!

My final favourite is almonds! Random as hell but I have been obsessing over this for the longest time! You can add them to salads or ground this up and use them in baking but I just eat them as they are whenever I get a bit peckish! I’m trying to limit the amount of chocolate and other unhealthy treats and these are the perfect substitute! They are high in healthy fats which I know I don’t get enough of anyway, so it’s a win-win situation really!

And those are my summer favourites! Let me know what your favourites have been in the comments below!


  1. I'm obsessed with the collab dry shampoo too its so great that it doesn't leave a white cast! Cant wait to read your next post x

    1. Whoops, I was away so I didn't see this until now! Oh hun, I literally cannot get enough of this stuff, it is a God send!