Monday, 5 October 2015

Sweaters For This Season

FINALLY, it's that time of year where it's socially acceptable to curl up on the couch, drink hot chocolate by the bucket load and watch films. Every night. What what better way to spend said nights than by looking the part too! For today's post, I have picked out my favourite sweaters from the high street to share them with you all.
First up is this monochrome jumper from Topshop. The polo neck, oversized and cable knit combo makes this number look like the perfect jumper to cuddle up with.

This jumper from H&M is a little less oversized but it still keeps the cosiness factor to it. I like the more fitted style to this sweater as it is such as transitional piece. You can dress it up or down by wearing it with a skirt, like above, or you can pair it with ripped jeans for a more casual cool vibe.

Even though it may not look as warm as the others, this pullover from New Look is perfect for those days where it's not cold enough to wear a jumper like the Topshop one but it's not warm enough to go without one at the same time. How many times have you been caught out by wearing a cosy sweater and then end up sweating like a pig by mid-afternoon? I rest my case.

I couldn't not include your typical "ugly granddad" sweater, could I? This one from Penneys is one of those jumpers where it screams "CHRISTMAS" but somehow, it's ok to wear it for Winter time in general.

This just looks like a teddy bear made into a jumper, doesn't it? I mean, who doesn't want to just curl up in this and sit by an open fire in this River Island sweater? 

These fitted, polo necks seem to be bang on trend right now! These are the perfect item for getting the most out of your summer wardrobe. You can wear them under tunic dresses, dungarees and look fashionable while being warm! Can I get an Amen? This particular one is from Penneys, meaning that it's affordable too! Today is a good day!

The last jumper from River Island is similar to the first one but monochrome jumpers are my weakness! The chevron pattern on this sweater gives it a chic vibe while still being cosy, which is really hard to find it oversized jumpers!

So those are my top picks of jumpers from the high street. Let me know what you think or if you have any recommendation of you're own!

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