Sunday, 8 November 2015

Autumn Haul

So after an emotional few weeks of being internet-less, I finally have a new blog post up! This time it is an Autumn Haul. I recently went shopping to pick up a few necessities and as usual I came out with a few things which weren't quite necessary! So I'd thought I'd share a few bits with you! (Excuse the terrible photos. The weather is so so dull at the moment that it's impossible to take photos, so I'm having to use awful harsh lighting. Hopefully the weather will clear up or that I'll somehow learn how to take half decent photos!)

What would an afternoon spent shopping be without having a browse around Lush, especially since their winter collection has come out. Even though I usually come out of Lush with heavy bags and a worryingly light purse, I somehow managed to limit myself to only two bath bombs! *pats self on back* The two I picked up were Cinders and Dragon's Egg. Cinders is one of my all time favourite bath bombs and as it only comes out around this time of year, I couldn't resist! Surprisingly, I've never tried Dragon's Egg before, despite it being one of their most popular bath bombs! Currently, It is filling up my room with all kinds of wonderful smells and I'm itching to use it! (But at the same time I don't because I don't want the smell to go! The struggle is real!)

My skin has been acting a little crazy at the moment. It gets really dry and really oily all at the same time which makes it pretty confusing when you're trying to use products that combat both dry and oily skin! So I decided to pick the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which seems to be working out pretty good at the moment. The lovely lady in Boots also recommended I use the Epaderm Emollient cream to keep my dry skin at bay. To be perfectly honest, it seems far to heavy for my normally oily skin and it takes ages for it to sink in, so I might just go back to my good old Nivea moisturiser. I also picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Boots since my old one was running out and God forbid I'll ever be out of my much loved concealer.

I also only picked a few things in Penneys but that was mostly because I had made the mistake of going in on a Saturday. Total. Mayhem. I could hardly stay in there for 20 minutes, let alone try and attempt to join the fitting rooms queue. So that's why I have only a few pieces. That being said I love what I got and personally I think Penneys have really stepped up they're game recently. I got a burnt orange a-line skirt with deep pockets which is perfect for Autumn. The material feels thick and dare I say, good quality for Penneys! Big thumbs for Penneys! I also got my hands on a tan polo neck jumper/turtle neck sweater/whatever they're called and I have been wearing it to death since I've got it (I may or may not be wearing it right as I'm typing up this post...) I also picked a large clutch since I was desperately in need of a bag for nights out.

So that was my mini haul. Let me know what you have picked up recently!

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