Friday, 11 December 2015

Secret Santa Gift Guide.

Christmas is great and all but when it comes to doing Secret Santa between your fellow classmates and/or co-workers it can be a bit of a head wrecker, especially when you aren't particularly close to the person you got. But fear not! Laura is here to save you from that awkward strained smile you can sadly get when you haven't quite hit the nail on the head! All the gifts mentioned here are under €20 so there is something for everyone's budget!

1. Stationery. Everybody loves stationery, right? This one would be perfect for someone who you know is disorganised! I mean you'd only be doing them a favour! My two choices were this Cath Kidson 2016 diary and a novelty notebook from Happy Jackson.

2. Slippers. This one is a no-brainer. Christmas time is meant for comfort and what is more comfort inducing than a cosy new pair of slippers? Personally, I love the moccasin style slipper and it took a lot of will power to leave them in Penneys when I was shopping over the weekend!

3. Gift set. Pretty self explanatory, I know, but if you know someone who is into all things Marvel then this Boots set should be right up their street. If not, a dainty Laura Ashley gift bag from Boots might suit instead.

4. Cookies. Handmade presents are really thoughtful and homemade cookies are the best! Tanya Burr's cookies are sure to please all tastes, I mean have you seen the amount of chocolate that goes into these bad boys?!

5. Phone Case. Something that is practical and cute? That is what Christmas present dreams are mad of!! This one from Asos is perfect for that someone who you would kindly like to stop taking so. many. selfies.!

6.Gloves for Phones. Another one for all those phone lovers out there. The colder months are truly evil when it come to using your phone. How annoying is it when you go to check your timeline whilst waiting for a bus or whatever and then you have to make the choice between frostbite or keeping up to date with the latest internet happenings? Well this could solve all those internal battles! Gloves which allow you to use your touchscreen phones. Admittedly, they don't look the prettiest but these are what everyone wants for Christmas!

7. A mug. Not the most original of ideas but there are so many novelty mugs around these days that you're bound to find one that suits your giftee down to a ~tea~! (I'm going to just leave now...)

8.A gift to charity. Unfortunately, we all get caught up in the Christmas rush and we tend to focus on buying materialistic things for our loved ones. We don't often think about people who aren't as blessed as us, so maybe this year we could a gift with bit more meaning . I picked out a Trocaire gift as when you buy a gift, you're chosen recipient gets a card detailing the gift and a family in need in a developing country gets a life changing gift. Ok, I explained that completely back-arsed ways so head to Trocaire's site which has all the details. 

What will you be giving to your Secret Santa this year?


  1. Great ideas girl! :) Thanks for sharing!